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  • How do I reduce my car insurance premium?

    If you would like to decrease your monthly premium or purchase more protection for less money, one method is to take a higher allowance. Choosing a bigger deductible may make sense if you feel that your odds of making a claim are distant enough to justify assuming the possible extra cost.

    Save money and time by bundling insurance coverages with Brady Insurance Group.
    When you package home and car insurance, for example, you'll instantly qualify for our Multi-Policy reduction.

  • What happens when my car is stolen?

    When your car is stolen call us once you have your police report information then be ready to wait. If your vehicle is still missing following the waiting period, generally 21 days, you must be given a settlement shortly after. If your car or truck is recovered through the waiting period, the insurance provider may wish to observe a repair estimate before determining how to move.

  • Will I have insurance coverage if I am delivering pizza with my automobile?

    Insurance coverage is dependent upon your policy. If your policy is commercial/business auto coverage, that policy will take care of you. But if your insurance policy is private auto insurance it will not cover you when you are transporting people or goods in exchange for a commission. If you plan to have a pizza delivery job, or any delivery endeavor, check with your car insurance company first. Though obtaining the extra coverage essential to guard you while providing pizzas might indicate a speed increase, it is going to guarantee optimal protection.

    If you are a Brady Insurance Group customer just call us at 886.764.1944 for quick answers and policy changes.

  • I installed some sweet parts in my car. If they are stolen, can they be replaced with OEM parts?

    It depends on the type of equipment and your insurer's policies. Many car insurance businesses direct their repair shops to utilize original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components if doing otherwise will endanger a guarantee, or whenever the part is structural and leads to your car's overall crashworthiness. OEM parts are those made by the producer of the vehicle and tailored specifically for it. But they might request repair shops to use aftermarket parts (parts manufactured by third-party firms) when possible since aftermarket parts are usually cheaper than their OEM counterparts.

    Note that while all states have standards regulating aftermarket parts use, they do not all require that the repair shop inform you of the manufacturer they're using. If you are concerned about the types of parts used in replacement on your car, talk with your claims rep along with the repair shop to make your preferences clear.

    Note also that a standard car insurance policy won't cover most parts and equipment you add. If you have modified your car's gear with custom components, be sure to add our customized parts and equipment coverage to ensure they are protected.

  • Why do teen drivers seem to have higher insurance rates?

    New drivers, especially young drivers, have high insurance prices for two reasons: inexperience behind the wheel and immaturity. The same as anybody trying to master a new skill, teenage drivers have a tendency to make mistakes and take risks that more seasoned drivers would not. And raised dangers translate to increased insurance prices.

    The figures paint a clear image. Though adolescent deaths in automobile crashes have dropped dramatically since 1975, the amounts are still shocking: 2,524 teens aged 13 to 19 died in automobile crashes in 2013. And despite the fall, automobile accidents remain the most popular cause of death for teens.

    Teens will also be the most likely to participate in injuries, together with 16-year-old drivers over 2.5 times more likely to be in a wreck compared to 20- to 24-year-olds.

    Along with the numbers just get worse when teenagers drive with other teenagers in the vehicle. In reality, the chance of adolescent driver passing increases with every added teenage passenger.

  • At what age do car insurance premiums tend to fall?

    Most drivers' insurance rates tend to fall around age 25 and continue to decrease until age 70. However, the rate drops aren't automatic. A risky driver with tickets maintains, or crashes won't necessarily see a favorable change in insurance rates — yet another reason to stress security to your young driver.

  • Why are auto insurance premiums for a teen driver high?

    To begin with, brace yourself for a higher premium. Because insurance companies must pay more promises on episodes involving teen drivers compared to more seasoned drivers, teenage drivers' auto insurance rates usually are considerably more.

    You can ensure that your teen driver requires an excellent driver's education program and retains up their grades to be eligible for a fantastic Student discount. Consult your insurance representative how the costs will fluctuate if you include your teenager to your policy or buy a new one on your adolescent's name. If you are a Brady Insurance Group client, give us a call at 866.764.1944 for specialist advice -- we are here to help.

    Bear in mind that the kind of car your teenager drives affects the speed too. Pick a version with a history of security and reliability to guarantee moderation. You can Discover reliable model security advice through these four resources:

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 
    National Insurance Crime Bureau (cars' theft rates impact their premiums) 
    J.D. Power and Associates 
    Insurance Institute for Highway Safet

  • Should teen drivers receive an individual policy or be added to their parents' car insurance policy?

    To determine if a young driver will have an impact on your rates, check with your present insurer to see the premium for each choice.

    Generally, you will save more by adding your adolescent to your current coverage, especially if you're adding a different car for her or him to drive (which may score you the Multi-Car reduction), but you might see that a separate policy for your adolescent works better financially. Bear in mind that, should you add your teenager to your coverage, their driving record will impact your rate.

  • Should I add my daughter on to my car insurance policy the day she gets her license?

    Insurance companies require that all licensed drivers in your home have some form of car insurance. The minute your daughter is licensed to drive, you will have to add her to your auto insurance policy or purchase a separate policy to cover her.

    Be aware that you don't necessarily have to add your child to your auto insurance plan. Many auto insurance companies will sell individual policies to youthful drivers. However, you may not have the ability to take advantage of auto insurance discounts, such as multi-vehicle, if you pick this option — your young driver's premiums will almost certainly be quite high.

  • Do licensed teens need insurance coverage on all automobiles in the home?

    The majority of states don't require car-driver matching, meaning that all licensed drivers in your home will be covered to drive all automobiles in the home unless you explicitly exclude them. In states that do require car-driver matching, each driver in the household will be assigned as the primary driver for a single car, so you can specify which, if any, car your teen will be the main driver.

  • Listing my son in my auto coverage made my premium over the top. Do I have to put him on my policy?

    One way or another, your son needs automobile insurance. You could purchase a single policy for him, but it will likely be more expensive than what you're paying today because he will not benefit from all of your auto insurance discounts. You can remove him from your coverage if he is not likely to drive, but later on, when he applies for individual coverage, his rates will be higher because of this lapse in coverage.

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